Treble Champions 2 logo

Following in the concrete boots of Test Match Cricket is Treble Champions 2. Given that the 2 at the end of the title of this game strongly implies that there was an original, it makes you question the existence of such a thing as God.

Surely God, if he lived up to his reputation as being almighty compassionate, would protect his Amiga clock from the blasphemies represented by the very existence of this game.

It is anathema to the ten commandments of value for money. It follows the same poor programming route as Test Match Cricket and most certainly doesn't end up in Damascus.

If you like repetitive and almost aimlessly pressing buttons, go for it. Otherwise put your money towards a more gratifying management game. There's plenty of them around.

Treble Champions 2 logo

The games featured here this month (Test Match Cricket & Treble Champions 2) are courtesy of Amiga Format's generosity and Electronic Boutique's optimism. For stocking them.

When Electronic Boutique placed a 'Special Buy' sticker on this, I don't believe they were thinking in the same terms as Kevin Keegan when he described Faustino Asprilla as "a bit special".

Treble Champions 2 runs on all Amigas. Atari ST users can buy a version for their machine. And, if you're still in doubt whether to buy this, take a look at the screenshots. Then the rpice. A-ha-ha.

As its title suggests, Treble Champions 2 allows you to win the Championship, FA Cup and League Cup in a season. (Though probably not intentionally). Which caused me to wonder what could possibly be different from the original Treble Champions. But not for too long, mind. Because there was the business of playing the game to be getting on with. Erk.

After gritting my teeth, while holding onto the edge of my seat and preparing for the pressure and excitement of football management, I soon realised that reading what it said on the box was more interesting than the game itself. After being asked to type in the name of my team Notts Co I was scheduled to play Notts Cnty in the second week of the season. A match which ended ina somewhat hollow 1-0 victory.

Ah, the matches. Should finding out the result immediately fail to excite you sufficiently then you can watch a blue box to see "GOAL!" flash up after "Notts Co Shoot!" but before "Disallowed!" Exclamation mark!

Treble Champions 2 may well include many of the same features that PM3 Deluxe has, but is of such poor quality and execution that I wouldn't even give this to an orphan.