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Hulk Hogan swaps Mr Nanny's slapstick apron for something a bit more macho in this seven-level platformer from Alternative. You play Shep Ramsey, a moustachioed large-headed superhero who keeps his brains well and truly in his drawers while leaping around the themed worlds encouraging bad guys to show respect and sabotaging the evil General Suitor's mischievous plans.

Oddly, the whole thing kicks off with a lacklustre R-Type style shoot-em-up before launching into the game proper. There are three difficulty levels, puzzle elements and plenty of bonuses to collect, but the baddies just keep coming back to sap your strength just when you need it the most.

Suburban Commando offers very little in the way of gameplay, graphics or originality, and proves incredibly frustrating to play even on the early levels thanks to some iffy collision detection and dodgy joystick controls.

After a couple of hours play you start deluding yourself that WWF European Rampage was a good game after all and wish you had spent the extortionate asking price on a pair of Lucky Horseshoe boxing gloves instead.

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Filmversoftungen aus dem Actionbereich sind zwar stets mit Vorsicht zu genießen, jedoch nicht automatisch ein Totalausfall - aber was sich Alternative Software hier geleistet hat, schlägt dem Hulk den Hogan aus!

Die Story des Streifens läßt praktisch nur eine Umsetzung als Ballerspiel zu: Der Superheld Shep Ramsey hindert einen größenwahnsinnigen Schurken daran, das Universum zu unterjochen, wobei ihm von der einfachen Sachbeschädigung bis zur Körperverletzung mit Todesfolge jedes Mittel recht ist. Ein klarer Fall von Traumrolle für den Wrestling-Star...

Für den Spieler wird die Rolle jedoch bald zum Alptraum, obwohl sich die Mischung aus Ballern, Prügeln, Suchen und Springen zunächst noch ganz interessant anhört.

Man verteidigt seine vier Leben hier nämlich sieben Levels land, indem zunächst mal eine Horizontal-sequenz in typischer "R-Type"-Manier absolviert wird. Sobald das feindliche Mutterschiff errreicht ist, wird es geentert, damit man dort laufend und hüpfend eine vorgegebene Anzahl von Bomben zünden kann.

Nach einer abschließenden Prügelei an Bord geht es in Los Angeles weiter, wo springend und kletternd die überall verstreuten Raumschiffteile zu bergen sind. Dann verkloppt man noch schnell einen Punker, besteigt einen Wolkenkratzer, schickt den Obermotz ins Reich der Träume, und das Universum ist gerettet.

Das alles präsentiert sich mit 08/15-Sound und lächerlichen Sprites, die sich vor den ganz passable gezeichneten und ruckelfrei scrollenden Hintergrundbildern mit der entsetzlich trägen Steuerung abplagen müssen.

Aber die Krönung ist das total verpatzte Gamedesign, das seine Einfallsloskigkeit mit fast unspielbar schweren Stellen zu kaschieren sucht - erfolglos... (mic)

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Out in space something stirs - gosh it is huge!

Publishers like Alternative must be absolutely sick of people reviewing their software and saying "Well, it would be alright if it was a budget game". It is not something your Oceans and Gremlins and MicroProses have to contend with, is it? Then again, your Oceans and Gremlins and MicroProses do not often come up with this kind of thing.

Suburban Commando is essentially a platformer, but with pretensions to diversity. The first level is a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up which looks and plays very much like a kind of kiddie Project X, and each of the three subsequent platform levels is suffixed by Street Fighter 2-esque one-on-one beat-em-up scenario with the end-of-level boss.

The shoot em up and beat em ups bits, though, are distinctly secondary concerns - the vast bulk of the game (if any amount of a game that has only got three main levels can be said to be a vast bulk) is contained in the platform bits, which is probably the wisest course of action when you look at the other bits - they are not exactly rubbish, but they have got 'sub-game' written all over them in big capital letters.

The platform sections are not what you would call state-of-the-art, however they are competent enough and quite pretty (with a visual style very reminiscent in parts of Soccer Kid, albeit with a washed-out colour scheme), which is a blessed relief in itself for anyone who has played last month's Huckleberry Hound.

When this came in and I played it for a little while, I was all set to go off at the deep end about how dreadful it all was, but after sticking with it for a while (professional reasons, you know how it is) I was mildly surprised find it growing on me.

I was surprised to find it growing on me.

While there is not even the suggestion of a spark of originality about it, it is all reasonably efficient, it looks okay and once you get used to the idiosyncrasies of the controls (jumping in particular is ridiculously skittish) it is respectably playable without ever really raising anything beyond a perfunctory kind of interest.

In fact (uh-oh)... it would make a perfect budget game. Full-price software today is stuff like Cannon Fodder, or Syndicate, or Mortal Kombat, or... well, you get the idea.

Harmless but wafer-thin antics like these simply do not cut it at 25 quid and it is either breathtaking self-delusion or an ill-advised marketing bluff on the part of Alternative to imagine otherwise.

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Film licenses like this one don't come around very often. Thank god! If any of you remember the film, this game is a lot worse. It starred ex-WWF wrestler Hulk Hogan, favourite of kids and grannies everywhere, as Shep Ramsey.

This intergalactic hero starts the film by destroying the evil General Suitor's ship. Unfortunately, Shep's ship is damaged in the battle and he crash lands on Earth. Here he must find parts to repair his hip while fighting off the attentions of the bounty hunters sent to kill him.

The game follows the film fairly closely, with the first level comprising a scrolling shoot 'em up as Shep attacks the battleship. Once this level is passed the rest of the game turns into a basic platform beat 'em up. First there's the battleship, the downtown L.A. and finally a half finished skyscraper. All along there are robots, guards, street thugs and bounty hunters to avoid or bop on the nose.

As an ex-wrestler Hulk/Step is handy with his fists and feet but his moves are limited to a punch, uppercut, sweep and flying kick. The enemies have a range of weapons at their disposal including lasers, rivet guns, knives and batons. So, taking them out is usually a question of timing rather than steaming in with fists flying.

The main sprite moves like he's on ice but his animation is lively. The tunes may very well come from the film but I didn't like them either. The gameplay is fast but uninspiring.

Overall, it's not really worth the bother. If you're eight years old and still pining for the days Hulk took on The Nasty Boys in the ring then you'll find this nostalgic fun. Otherwise, forget it.