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PSYGNOSIS * £25.99 * 1/2 meg * Joystick * Out now

Ork - what name! What you don't know is that the work 'ork' doesn't actually mean anything and - more surprising - that it isn't related to the game in any shape or form.

The main character isn't called Ork, there isn't a planet in the game called Ork, the evil baddie isn't called Ork, so why call a game Ork?
Why not, I say! It's better than Mabel or Edith, after all. Ork is one of those words that you can put almost any letter in front of it and make a new word from - fork, pork, cork, dork, mork, york and errr gork - well, that's quite a few, anyway.

I'm sorry, I'm definitely losing it - it's just that when I see a game with a totally pointless name I crack up and can't control myself. Ahem. Anyway, you play the part of Ku-Kubul, a Heyadahl (that's his race, not a foreign swear word), and yu're training to be captain of a star cruiser.

Ku-Kabul has reached the end of his training and he now faces the final test. Other Heyadahls have taken the test, some have passed while most have never been seen again. No-one knows what Ku-Kabul has to do except his examiners. Armed only with basic twin cannons and an empty jet-pack, Ku-Kabul has to go to the planet Ixion to complete his training by passing the feared final test.

The best way I can describe Ork is to say that it's a cross between The Killing Game Show and Shadow of the Beast. Now Psygnosis are famous for producing games with brilliant graphics and sound but they always seemed to forget one thing - playability.

In the case of Ork, they seem to have rectified the problem because there's more playability than you can shake a stick at. Ork's got really nice graphics, even if it looks as though most of them were ripped from shadow of the Beast.

On the sound front there's a lovely little intro tune, but in-game there isn't a lot to shout and scream about. The sound FX are a little boring and don't really do anything for the game.

I think why Ork has succeeded and other Psygnosis games have failed is because Ork has the puzzle factor to it. Shadow of the Beast was just a fancy beat-'em-up after all and all there was to do was hit things and run around.

Ork, on the other hand, is a whole different kettle of fishies. The puzzle element means that you actually have to work out what to do, rather than just blasting baddies. There isn't a lot that you can really complain about - it's one of those games that looks nice and plays well. However, it's lacking that certain something, if you know what I mean.

It doesn't really stand out from the rest. I mean, Lemmings had loads of little cute green-haired creatures that tried to commit suicide, but all you've got in Ork is a thing that shoots other things. I mean the character looks like a mutant chicken!

Ork is one of Psygnosis' better games, but it's just not Gamer Gold material. I don't think the public will be rushing out to buy this one - they'll probably go for one of the big licensed games that's a load of rubbish, like they usually do.
Never mind, Psygnosis - there's always Lemmings 2!