Holiday Lemmings 1993 logo

They're small, they're cute and this time they're dressed up as miniature Father Christmases, complete with red capes and fur-trimmed hats. Brilliant, eh?

You have to guide up to 99 of the little fellas over 32 snow-covered levels - complete with fairy lights, psychotic snowmen and icy precipices - until they reach their Christmas pudding-shaped home. It's all exceedingly jolly and seasonal with a suitably manic Roobarb and Custard parpy synthesiser version of Jingle Bells to get you in the Yuletide spirit, and there are two difficulty levels to make the gameplay that bit more taxing.

Unfortunately, DMA have reverted to the seven different skills used by the original Lemmings, so you don't get any of the ice-skaters, skiers or snowballers featured in Lemmings 2.
The other major downer is the number of levels. You only get 32 to play with and even then the early ones are ridiculously easy.

But, let's not to be too Scroogy about this. Even though Holiday Lemmings is obviously designed to make as much money for as little effort as possible, it still manages to be funny, frustrating and incredibly addictive. And anything which takes your mind off that awfully big pile of Boxing Day washing-up has to be a good thing.