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Looking strangely commercial, Time Runners is a weird arcade adventure with some surprisingly good graphics for a PD game. Do not ask what the plot is all about - let us say it has something to do with space. Anyway, it is a combination of adventure-type conversations and so on, complete with nice full-screen graphics showing locations and characters, and arcade-style sections.

I would this was originally intended for commercial release, as it obviously had a lot more time spent on it than most PD games. Even so, it is not the most addictive arcade adventure I have played, but it passes the time better than a morning with Anne and Dick.

Available from: Cygnostic PD, Office O1, New Enterprise Centre, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry, CV6 7NB. Tel: 0203 681987. Disk no. G0215. Price: £2.