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Europress' AMOS may not have proved to be the answer to every would-be games programmer's dream but it certainly proved its worth as a tool for generating educational software. Even Europress' own range of 'Funschool' products were written entirely in AMOS. Not surprisingly, AMOS is responsible for this collection of four very simple educational programs aimed at children between three and five years of age.

Featuring bright and colourful graphics and cheerful sound effects Through the Red Door is another great PD educational pack. The disk contains five educational 'mini programs' which are accessed by 'ringing' the appropriate doorbell when the program's main screen appears. The first program is 'Colours' in which you have to help Simon and Sarah to choose the colours of objects in the playroom, the countryside and the seaside.

Next up is 'Numbers' which sees you helping Sarah to find the missing animals in the shop, garden and bedroom (sheep in your bedroom? I am starting to worry about this...). Finally we have Clothes and Letters, two equally jolly educational games along the same lines as the first two but concentrating on different skills.

Through the Red Door certainly is not up to the same standards as professional educational software such as Europress' Funschool series but it is an enjoyable and well designed disk nonetheless. If you need a disk that will keep the kids quiet for a few hours then this may be the answer.

Available from: F1 Licenceware, 31 Wellington Roads, Exeter, Devon EX2 9DU. Disk No. F1013. Tel: 0392 493 580. Price £2.99 including P+P.