Superman: Man of Steel logo

THIS is not the man in blue’s first computer outing. He was imprisoned in a C64 by First Star four years ago. But it is his first appearance on the Amiga, Tynesoft having licensed the rights fro DC Comics and First Star.

Superman comes on two discs and is split into several sub games, each more perilous than the last. As the game loads, a very agreeable rendition of the Superman theme plays in stereo harmony.

A nice, if somewhat pointless addition to the game is a mini comic strip which describes the storyline of the current mission. The first of these sees Superman battling Darkseid’s Parra Demons, Space Harrier style.

Whether Superman selects heat vision or superstrength, you have to select the less than superhuman power of extreme patience to overcome the evil Parra demons. Once the first level has been completed the game becomes much more playable. As well as having to deal with Darkseid you must take on Lex Luthor, who has formed an alliance with Darkseid to destroy the earth.

Graphics are true to the comic, our hero being authentically recreated in pixels. Some of his flying is a shade rusty, but on the whole the game has been well implemented.

The music and FX are top notch, especially the high score table which shows Superman’s home at the North Pole. Overall, though, it lacks that special something.