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CDS £19.99 * Keyboard

One, two or three players can compete in this sports trivia game based on Central TV’s quiz show. There are several rounds to compete in (the time limit for answering can be user defined) and each contestant is asked questions individually (except for the last, quick fire round) and the idea is for the contestant to shout out the answer and then hit the space bar to reveal the answer and tell the computer whether he was right or not.

There are twelve specialist sports to choose from at the start of the contest and the questions on each are definitely for the person who knows his onions.

If you like trivia games – and sport ones especially – then you could have a lot of fun, but if you don’t like trivia games and you don’t take too much interest in sport then you’d be wasting your time with this. Otherwise, the fairest thing that can be said that it’s fine if you like this sort of thing. ‘Nuff said.