Affordable arachnoid antics

Spidertronic logo Amiga Computing Value Award

RECENTLY I discovered a huge, and here I mean really big in a large sort of way, spider living in my garage. Behind the cardboard box if you're interested. Ordinarily this wouldn't particularly bother me but the very next day I received a copy of Spidertronic from Interceptor. Coincidence? You get a bit paranoid in this business.

Anyway, the game more or less follows the plot of Clown 'O' Mania which we reviewed a while back. Run around an Englebert style landscape picking up coloured squares and laying a path to the transporter. The transporter will take you to the next level, of which there are ten.

When you complete the tenth level you have one of two choices - either give up and go and do something else or make up your own levels with the editor.

Graphics are nothing too special. The spider is only just discernible as such, but the giant balls that hamper progress are quite nicely done. Sound is adequate.

Spidertronic is out on the Smash Budget label which means it retails at ¨4.99. Up until now I have not been a great supporter of budget games because they seemed to be an excuse for software houses to peddle off dross for a profit without fear of complaint.

Spidertronic hardly shines, but it could certainly take on some of the full-priced games that have been through these offices.