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Alternative * £7.99

In this game you get to play the little bear in his quest to explore a large house. Soo the panda, his main squeeze, accompanies him as he deals with all manner of possessed domestic items. The graphics have a curious sepia-tinted look to them, which contrasts with the cartoon-feel of most children's games. But this doesn't detract from the game. There is an easy mode and a hard mode, but the game is eminently playable on either, especially if you're hard.

The only criticism is that the sprites may be a bit small for a kids' game. Bold colours and massive objects are usually the order of the day. Still, not a bad game, and one with lots of detail on each screen.

Sooty and Sweep logo

Sooty and Sweep, eh? Not exactly the hottest licence of the year, but certainly one with a bit of potential. Let's think. How about some sort of 'magic' game, where Sooty's got to use his wand to make different spells to do something or other?

Or a Head Over Heels type thing, where Sooty and Sweep each have different abilities and need to co-operate to save Soo from some deadly peril.

Okay, they're rubbish ideas, but I'm sure anyone with a few hours and a couple of brain cells to rub together could think of some vaguely original way of turning Sooty and Sweep into a fun, happy-go-lucky and sweet computer game.

So what have Alternative managed to come up with? (Wait for it.)

A walk-around-collecting-things game. (FX: Blood-curdling scream, followed by sound of disk being repeatedly savaged with a pair of scissors and finally a toilet flushing).

If I see just... excuse me a minute. (FX: Toilet flushing again.)

Right, it's gone now. As I was saying, if I see just one more of these... these... things, I'm moving to Finland. Sorry, but I am.