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Zeppelin, £7.99

An Op Wolf clone set in old Chicago. You play a cop, and some blocky sprites play the villains. Shoot snipers in the head to earn extra ammunition, health and bombs.
Good fun, high-speed blast.

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There seems to be something of a glut of Operation Wolf-type shooting games on the market at the moment. Recently we've seen Predator 2, Beast Busters, Operation Wolf itself on budget re-release, and now this cheapie from Zeppelin set in.

Prohibition Chicago in the 1920s. All this means is that the usual aliens/ zombies/ soldiers are replaced with sharp-suited mobsters and the grenades become rather weedy Molotov cocktails (or 'Molotov's' as the screen rather annoyingly insists on calling them).

Otherwise it's the same old kill-everything gameplay, and it's done perfectly competently without any glaring flaws or outstanding flair. It's tough enough to be challenging without ever really stretching you.

There's a nice touch at the end of a level (I won't spoil it for you), but basically we're in textbook territory here.

Op Wolf games are usually pretty short on lasting appeal, so if you really want a new one, at least this one will only set you back eight quid.

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Zeppelin Games/ ST & Amiga/ £7.99

Amiga reviewBloggo: Now this is more my scene - shooting people. Why, I haven't had so much fun since 'Pug Face' Mahoy and me were holed up dahn the Old Kent Road with only a shotgun, two revolvers and a pea-shooter between us and a long stay in Dartmoor.

Sharkey's Moll is simple, straightforward shoot 'em up action in the tradition of Operation Wolf and a thousand others. The difference is that this game is about a third of the price of all the others without being a third of the fun. Plenty of baddies, five different locations and lots and lots of shooting.

Not a lot of scenario - shooting gangsters and rescuing your girl - but who needs it? All you need to know is that you've got bullets and molotovs and you've got to wipe out everyone on-screen - except the vital end of level stool pigeon.

If you like this style of shoot 'em up, you could save some shekles by buying Sharkey's Moll rather than the pretty similar full price games.