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Remember that beautifully written review of The Cartoon Collection in Cheap 'n' Cheerful last month? Yes, one of the games featured on that compilation has cropped up once more. Seymour is the name, and being goofy and 'amusing' is the game.

You move the albino mutant lardball around what purports to be Hollywood, trying to solve various puzzles in turn. They aren't that difficult, and, as you'll note from the bright , cheerful graphics (in which everything has thin black lines around it), the game is a bit of fun aimed at the pretty-damn young with a few sovs burning holes in their pockets. There's a large playing area, and even young players won't remain stumped by the puzzles for long (well, total babies might), so there's a fair bit of entertainment value here.

But hold fast for a mo. The Cartoon Collection is £24.99, with five games included (all pretty good quality) and this is £7.99 on its own. If you want it, scrounge the extra dosh and buy the compilation. It's an economy of scale, you see. JM Keynes was absolutely right.

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Der Titel erinnert an den Namen einer Popgruppe, der Held an die verfressenen Geister aus "Ghostbusters" und seine Abenteuer an das gute alte "Treasure Island Dizzy" - alles nur Zufall?!

Eins ist jedenfalls klar: Revolutionäre Neuerungen darf man sich vom jüngsten Budget-Game der Codemasters nicht erwarten, eher schon einen weiteren Vertreter der "Ist-ja-ganz-nett"-Reihe.

Ähnlich wie einst Dizzy ist auch Seymour eine Art wandelndes Ei; er träumt von einer Filmkarriere in Hollywood, stößt dort aber nur auf verschlossene Studiotüren. Nichtsdestotrotz soll man ihn durch ein paar Dutzend Bilder steuern, damit er Gegenstände aufsammeln (maximal drei auf einmal) und wieder ablegen kann, wodurch Hindernisse aus dem Weg geräumt und sonstige Klein-Rätsel gelöst werden. Nö, neu ist das nun wirklich nicht.

Auch die Hintergründe meint man alle schon mal gesehen zu haben, da nützt es wenig, daß sie für sich genommen abwechslungsreich und stellenweise hübsch detailliert gestaltet sind. Seymour selbst sieht ganz witzig aus, watschelt und hüpft ordentlich animiert über Berg, Tal oder Plattform und hört recht artig auf die Stickbefehle.

Dank der sparsamen Verteilung von Gegnern und Fallen kommt man auch lange mit den drei Bildschirmleben aus; lediglich das fehlende Scrolling hebt den Schwierigkeitsgrad: Am Screen-Ende artet das überwinden von Abgründen durch die permanente Bild-Umschalterei oft zum Geduldsspiel aus.

Tja, wer gut englisch kann, mag auch die (Sprechblasen-) Texte lustig finden, weniger lustig ist hingegen das monotone Begleitgedudel. Aber durchschlagenden Spielwitz such man bei diesem durch und durch durchschnittlichen Überraschungsei halt vergebens. (pb)

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Whether you view Seymour as the greatest thing since, er, Dizzy or just another loathsome manifestation of the Codies' perpetual struggle to be 'loved' is, of course, a matter of opinion. But, as my The Last Resort postbag seems to reveal each month, he appears to be just as popular as his stablemates. Hmm.

Well, here he is in Hollywood, and as usual he can carry up to three objects and use them to solve puzzles. I didn't manage to crack too many of these, as before long I found myself lost in a maze. That shouldn't stop Seymour fans, though - in situations like this it's on with the light and out with the squared paper.

The graphics are as bright and (potentially) cheerful as ever, the puns as unfunny and the locations just as numerous. It's undeniably good value for money, especially for the 'younger player'.

I do think it's about time the Codies discovered the art of the directable jump, though. The ability to alter course in mid-air has become as much a part of platform games as the platforms themselves, and I feel lost without it.

And another thing: if Seymour is to entrusted with the education of our youth he really ought to brush up on his grammar. It's dreadful, and even the instructions are full of clangers.

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With the Dizzy formula proving extremely successful, it seems that the Codies are rather stumped as to what to do next. Thus, it is with minimal imagination that a new ovoid hero is born - the titular Seymour. Resembling a rather overweight Dizzy, Seymour is set to appear in a series of rather familiar puzzle-based arcade/adventures which involve guiding the acrobatic egg across a series of flick-screen locations - in this case Hollywood.

OK, so this is average fare, but why didn't Codemasters just stuff it out as another Dizzy game? After all, everything else in the game is identical. Perhaps this is just a minor gripe but, even so, all this wandering around collecting objects is getting a little tedious. There's absolutely nothing new here - oh, except Dizz - sorry, Seymour himself - but I'm sure all you Dizzy fans will love it. Perhaps I'm just a cynical old git.