Read and Learn Volume 1: The Three Little Pigs logo


The old Three Little Pigs story comes to your Amiga with Read and Learn. Instead of simply being a series of pictures and text, it actually reads the story out to you. Unlike some similar programs that you might have seen in the past, Read and Learn does not use the Amiga's awful speech synthesiser, but a sampled voice of someone reading the story as it should sound. This has the advantage that you can actually understand what is being said.

The graphics are not the best you have ever seen, but at least they are colourful, and they get the story across without any problem. As education software goes, this is not bad at all, mostly because it does not make the mistake of pretending being Super Marioland when it is not. A good bit of fun.

Available from: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices, 2/8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. WF 1DH. Tel: 0924 36692. Price: £2.00 P+P