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Errr. Remarkable. Here's a TV license that actually manages to successfully capture all the thrills and spills of the TV show itself. Join with David, Ian and Bill as they cross wits and wrack each other's brains with questions of a sporting nature.

Choose your team from a bank of twelve happy faces. Each person has a specialist subject, and it's important to have as wide a range of these as possible.

All the rounds from the TV show are here from the picture board, where you choose from twelve piccies. Once you've chosen one, the computer prints a digitised piccy of our beloved Davey, and a speech bubble appears, and inside the bubble appears the question. The computer then gives you four possible answers and a clock ticks down while you select one. Get it right and a short tunette goes 'waa waa waa' at you.

The graphics are well digitised, it's just a shame there isn't more of them. The layout is clean and functional, and fits in with the design of the show. Sound consists of a title tune, a tunette or two, and a sampled sound effect here and there.

Good as a two player game, but I couldn't help but feel a little cheated on the one player game. After all, the computer knows all the answers!