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Andy Smith's eye for a bargain and his desire to blow chunks out of ogres leads him to Alive Mediasoft's compilation pack.

Although it's somewhat tedious, this next bit of information is going to have to be pointed out every time we review something Quake-based: you need a big mutha of a machine to get Quake and all its spin-offs to run satisfactorily.

You need loads of extra RAM, a decent graphics card and an accelerator board for starters, so if you haven't got all that, turn the page and hope there's some neat tricks you can employ from this month's GameBusters.

Have they gone? Good, now the serious gamers who've already upgraded can get down to some Quakery. Quake: Resurrection Pack is the first of the major bundle packs that we're going to be seeing over the coming months. It offers the original Amiga version of Quake (and for those of you who don't know, the Amiga version's got everything the PC version had) as well as Malice and Q!Zone.

Malice adds a lot of extra gizmos and changes the atmosphere of the gameplay in fundamental ways.

Quake we pretty much know everything about (and if you don't then you should turn the page and join those who left earlier) so there's not much that needs to be said here.

Malice, however, is a different story. I reviewed this add-on just a couple of months back (AF112 91%) but here's a refresher.
Malice takes the Quake engine and propels it into the 23th Century, where you play the part of a mercenary. There are a whole bunch of new weapons to play around with, including the Punisher (lurve those forced plasma beams!) and the cute vertical-barrelled shotgun.

Malice adds a lot of extra gizmos and changes the atmosphere of the gameplay in fundamental ways. It's all well and good to be running around underwater in Quake, but in Malice you do the same thing in a mini-sub complete with torpedoes. There's also a parachute to stop you hurting yourself when you jump off really high ledges and there's a hover-board so you can do Michael J. Fox impressions.

However, there isn't any armour. Or Quad Damage. Or Pentagrams of Protection. Malice does away with all of that, which subtly changes all of the gameplay.

You've got to be cautious about getting into firefights and, although there are more health bonuses around, it's all too easy to die (not least because there's no automatic reloads in Malice - use your clip and you've got to hit a key to reload your gun). The whole playing experience of Malice is great and it's definitely one to get once you're ready for a new twist.

Q!Zone is more like the stuff we're used to. There are three new, linked episodes (consisting of a total of 15 levels) giving the player the chance to fight against new enemies (and lots of old favourites) with new weapons, but essentially it's just more of the same. Good, but more of the same nonetheless.

Considering Quake and Malice alone would cost you in the region of £45, the £50 Resurrection Pack offers good value for money. If you're thinking of getting hold of Quake then it's got to be worth considering.

Quake: Reserraction Pack logo CU Amiga Super Star

Price: £25.99 (£50 with Quake)   Available from: Alive Media Soft   01623 467579

Getting bored of Quake? The Resurrection pack aims to bring it back to life.

Here's the deal. Twenty five quid and you get Time of Reckoning, Q-Zone and Malice. Another twenty five and the game's yours too. Q-Zone and Malice are Quake total conversions, while Time of Reckoning - bundled to make launching them easier - is a collection of Quake add-ons with an easy front end.

Malice we reviewed in the June issue at £15, and it got a Superstar. Time of Reckoning got a Superstar last issue at a tenner. I'd say any Quake owner ought to get both, meaning Q-Zone comes for free, fortunate given that it is the worst of the bunch.

I won't go into detail with the two I have already reviewed, but to recap: Malice is Quake plus, with external views, vehicles, superb design, lovely graphics and a narrative with cut scenes - probably the best game on the Amiga. Time of Reckoning is a collection of vast scope which makes games of Quake enormously variable.

Q-Zone is a much more Quake-like conversion than Malice, the only obvious difference being four new monsters and a new weapon which fires ninja stars. Level graphics are often ugly and design is all over the place, with signs of rushed work (texture peeling) in places. Probably the weakest add-on I've played, certainly less interesting than PainKeep, a shareware conversion included in Time of Reckoning. The only real good part is the deathmatch level set in a jumbo jet!

Thanks to Malice and Time of Reckoning, the resurrection pack certainly does what it sets out to do. If you haven't got Quake yet, £50 with those two bundled should not be missed. If you do, you can think of this as Q-Zone for free when you buy Malice and Time of Reckoning. Either way, a recommended purchase.