Push and Pull logo


Ware: Licenceware
By: Amonn Philipps
PD House: F1 Licenceware
No of Disks: One
Price: £3.99 plus 50p p&p

As cutesy, one-screen-at-a-time arcade runabouts go, Push And Pull is a winner. The basic premise is simple - run around a variable sized maze with a rabbit, avoid monsters, push blocks over said monsters until all the monsters are dead. To avoid complacency, there is a clock ticking.

The maze itself consists of the blocks used to kill the monsters. Part of the skill lies in being in the right place at the right time. Unused time units translate into points and give the rabbits a longer time to pick up bonus icons in the form of bananas, chocolate bars, sweets, etc.

And, as if that was not enough, some of the blocks offer power-ups to assist the bunny in his monster thwarting exploits. In all, an amusing romp that can be enhanced with the inclusion of a friend - another cutesy woodland creature who would probably look better partnering some mashed potato and carrots.