Menace in the mazes

Prospector in the Mazes of Xor logo

IMAGINE sitting quietly having a serious Workbench session when suddenly the urge grips you to play a game. So off you go to resetting the machine and loading up Violent Death III.
After a few minutes - give or take an hour - you realise you desperately need to do some Workbenching again. But can you stand the age-long wait while Amy does some booting? Wouldn't it be nice to have a game that multitasks properly?

Enter Prospector in the Mazes of Xor. It multitasks, so Workbench is but a mouseclick away. On an A500 the multitasking will be a little wasted - there will be little over 100k free. It's like Dolby NR on a tape by The Cramps - nice to have, but only useful on an expensive setup.

The title doesn't exactly rattle off the tongue with the greatest of ease, but since it's a sequel, small difficulties can be ignored. Xor - the original - never made it to the Amiga, allowing Logotron to include all the original mazes, plus 15 new ones and a construction kit.

If something is lying around and it happens to be worth something, it won't be lying around for too long if Herb and Pip are about. They have just been to their local fishing ship and bought themselves some jetpacks. No piscatorial purveyor should be without them.

Being young, headstrong and none too bright, they make their way to the Mazes of Xor to have some fun.
The words "fun" and "Mazes of Xor" aren't usually linked. Xor is an inquisitive and highly intelligent entity who creates bizarre mazes for kicks. Once inside a maze the only way out is to collect all the balloons - an easy task were it not for Xor's warped sense of humour.

Objects litter the place, each of which has its own rules. Zeppelins and Tin Bombs fly to the left, given half a chance. Rocks fall, balls roll, dynamite explodes - fairly predictable, really - but if you happen to block off a balloon there is no chance of recovery unless you know something about logic that everyone else doesn't.

Time is unlimited. You can even call up Workbench mid-game, but every move is counted by the invisible Xor.

With 30 mazes, ranging from easy to PhD in Extreme Cleverness, plus the chance to design and save 15 of your own, Prospector will occupy the old attention for many a moon.