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ACTIVISION £19.99 * Joystick

Arnie Schwarzenegger plays lead sprite in this interpretation of one of his better movies. The scenario is this: a nasty alien type has crash-landed in some jungle or other that Arnie and a bunch of other military pals happen to be working in.

This alien geezer keeps killing Arnie's mates so you, as Arnie, have to move through several horizontally scrolling levels of the game (starting in the jungle) and avoid not only the life-sapping gaze of the alien - represented by a triangle, or a collection of three dots that are not at all hard to out run - but also a whole bunch of machine gun-mad rebels and some rather nasty jungle animals.

As you move through the levels there are different weapons to pick up (a good job too, because that's the only way to rearms yourself), which may look different but seem to have the same effect. Keep running, avoid taking hits - almost impossible - blast anything that moves and hope you make it to the end of the level.

It's not a brilliant game design to start with, but the awful graphics (when did Arnie have his legs removed and Paddington Bear's grafted on?) do nothing to help. Hope 'Orinoco' Schwarzenegger never gets to see it.