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Europress Software £25.99

This month we take a look at five new packages aimed at the very young user (Noddy's Playtime, Paint and Create, Spelling Fair, Merlin's Maths, Playdays and ADI French). Tony Dillon looks back to the days of short trousers and runny noses - it's nice to see that he hasn't changed.

This is a superb piece of software, and one that no five year old should be without. Rather than trying to teach children, this package aims to stimulate their imagination with a collection of games designed to aid creativity. Put together by the Fun School team, you would expect it to reek of quality anyway. And it does, with polish liberally slapped all over it.

The menu is a large four-screen picture, filled with objects that animate when you click on them, such as the sun, a cat, a dog and a telephone. The games themselves are easy to find - to play jigsaw you click on the teddy piecing together a Jigsaw.

The large bright graphics are something smaller children will identify with, and I feel that the package could be just as useful for children younger than the five years recommended.

As well as Jigsaw, you have got a mini art package for budding Leonardos, a Monster Maker, where you can put body parts together to create the scariest monster possible, and then run a little animation to see how scary it really is.

There's a Card Creator, where you can piece together Christmas/Birthday cards and then print them out, but my favourite has to be the Teddy Karaoke. Here you can put a band together by picking the instruments and musicians to play them, select the music for them to play, and then put them on 'Top Of The Teds' to see how well they do.
Essential software.