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When the Amiga ruled the home computer roost, graphically gorgeous platform games were ten-a-penny. Unfortunately the designers of such games were among the first to desert the machine, opting instead to churn out scores of identical offerings for the likes of Sega and Nintendo.

Consequently, whereas four years ago another platform game might not have stood out from the crowd, a sliver lining now resides in the cloud that hangs over the Amiga games market. The real gems today are not in danger of being lost among lesser products, from companies with more marketing clout.

Og! is a cracking platformer, and if it had been overlooked because the Amiga market was flooded with similar, yet inferior, products it would have been a tragedy.

I’ll get one gripe out of the way before I go on to praise Og!’s many excellent qualities. The music is extremely irritating – in fact, it is nothing short of dire. You would be strongly advised to stick a decent CD on before loading it up, and to reach for the volume control the moment the title screen appears.

The graphics, the animation, the responsiveness of the controls and indeed everything else about the game is far above such criticism however. Og himself moves around the scrolling levels with superb fluidity, and the stone-age background scrolls smoothly past in parallax. The wide variety of baddies Og meets on his journey are also colourful, cute and well-drawn.

Action-starved gamers will love Og! - it serves as a welcome reminder of why the Amiga earned the reputation of being the best games machine of its era. It’s challenging, sick and hugely playable.