Now That's What I Call GamesCD32

Pinch yourself hard. You are not dreaming. Multi Media Machine really are offering you 100 Amiga games for less than £20. These games are for use on the CD32 and the CDTV.

The catch is, of course, that the majority of the games (count 'em) have been bunging up Public Domain and Shareware libraries for quite some time. You are in little danger of finding full-motion video or 256 colours in this little lot.

For a start, there is an overwhelming reliance on Shoot-Em-Up Construction Kit games. No fewer than 19 make their appearance on this compilation and you get everything from barbarians lobbing swords on people (Warrior) to fire-spitting zombie heads haring down the screen. Not surprisingly, most of them are dire and you are unlikely to play them more than once.

Things get a lot better when you start investigating the many clones on the disk - PacMan, Galaxian, Stryder, Space Invaders, Tetris, Pipemania and Missile Command are all paid the highest form of flattery here.

The disk even contains a very crap Lemmings rip-off called Leeding. There are also plenty of electronic versions of famous board games like Cluedo and Solitaire, as well as some seriously spaced-out oddities such as Cow Wars and a 3D noughts and crosses game.

Although Multi Media Machine do not claim this is a definitive collection of PD games it would have been great if at least one version of Defender or Jeff Minter's seriously brilliant Llamatron had made it on to the disk. Still, for £20 you cannot really complain, can you?

Now That's What I Call GamesCD32

Traritrara, die ersten Compilations für das CD32, sind da. Und man höre und staune, was Multimedia da für jeweils 59,- DM losschlagen will, das sind zwei Schillerscheiben, auf denen sich sage und schreibe jeweils 100 Spiele finden! Doch man ahnt es bereits, hier handelt es sich durchgehend um PD, Shareware und Freeware, wobei immerhin alle Genres abgedeckt werden: Von Knobeleien über Action, Rennspiele und Adventures bis hin zu Geschicklichkeitstests gibt es nichts, was es nicht gibt.

Was die Jungs bei Multimedia so Games nennen, bewegt sich zwar nur selten auf Profi-Niveau und kommt zudem komplett englisch daher, bietet aber doch viel CD-Futter für relativ wenig Geld. Der Haken an der Sache: Wer keine Maus für sein CD32 besitzt, hat mit Zitronen gehandelt!

  Titel Bewertung Anzahl der Spiele Preis Hersteller Genre
  Now that's what I call Games 1 mittel 100 59,-DM Multimedia Mixtur
  Now that's what I call Games 2 mittel 100 59,-DM Multimedia Mixtur