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IMPULZE * £25.99

Imagine it: you've captured the licence of the century. So what sort of game should you design? A 'Mrs Mangel Is Dead' whodunnit? A 'Bouncer The Dog' ball-chasing game? Well, at least some sort of arcade adventure incorporating all the TV characters... Yes?

Nope. Impulze lash out the dosh for the licence of Neighbours (including likenesses of the Ramsay street mob) and churn out a decrepit skateboard race game. Still, it might be worth playing: maybe there's some stonky, original cube-gleamin' going on?

Er... no. Take the graphics of Paperboy, the gameplay of Skate Or Die, the lasting interest of Back To The Future II and you're getting close to what must be the saddest licence of all time. Even the most hardened of Neighbours fans will be dreadfully disappointed with this inept little title.