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Now here is an interesting little teaser. One hundred quite literally block-bustingly mazemunvous levels, ranging from dead-easy to downright difficult. You control a string of rotating balls which you navigate by clicking either the left or right mouse button to anchor one or reverse the direction of the balls, respectively.

In each level the exit is obstructed by blocks which crumble as your balls hit them revealing different things according to their attributes. Some hold bonuses, extra lives and other goodies, while others contain nasty spiky things that break your balls (No sniggering in the back there, Jenkins!).

It is a good game for the price (£10). Mega Motion won't go down in the history books as one of the greatest games ever made, but it will occupy you while you are waiting for Ren and Stimpy to come on. However, this game is a good one for kids because it encourages skills in simple problem-solving techniques essential to any young budding entrepreneur.