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Andy Smith cackles with delight as the other members of the team succumb to his devilishly well-thrown flying bombs...

The rest of the team are just such easy meat! Drop a bomb here or fling one there and someone's bound to wander into the blast. And it's not even as if they learn from their mistakes!

Yup, Mega Blast's a BomberMan clone. You and up to five others can battle it out over several rounds in an attempt to be the last man standing. As mentioned before, You've got two ways of using bombs - either drop them in the usual way and runaway to get out of the blast (which always goes vertically and horizontally) or you can lob them either vertically or horizontally.

These flying bombs need a little more care and attention than normal when you're handling them because they do tend to bounce off walls and they also have a rather nasty habit of exploding just when they're coming towards you.

Ordinary bombs still need placing carefully because it is quite possible to drop a bomb in the wrong place and find yourself trapped and very dead.

When you're playing against human opponents the last person alive is the winner, but when you're playing against the computer opponents (curiously it says two to six players on the box although you can quite easily have five computer opponents and play solo) the bout is over as soon as you die.

...It is quite possible to drop a bomb in the wrong place and find yourself trapped and very dead.

That's the normal BomberMan game but there is a slight twist if you elect to play a simple two player game. Here your objective is not only to trash the other player but also to collect as many of the diamonds that are, initially, hidden in the blocks that you blow up. Alright, so it's not that much of a twist but it does add a little extra flavor.

Running almost in the background are the baddies hat bobble around the screen too. Should any of these bump into you (probably accidentally because they don't seem to target any of the players specifically) then you'll die. You won't be thinking a bout them a lot but they're a little annoyance to be aware of.

Then ther are the specials. Collect any power-ups you find when the blocks explode and your ability to compete is usually enhanced - being able to drop two bombs at once, for example - but not everything is good for you and if you pick up a question mark special then it's pot luck as to what you get.

Mega Blast is great fun. Each round takes place in a new arena and all the players switch starting positions for each new bout so there are no cries of 'Foul!' from people who are small-minded enough to think that just because you start in the top left of the screen you're going to win. Ahem.

For the price, this is a bit of a bargain. Obviously the more you've got playing, the more fun you're going to have, though getting everyone all connected up through the parallel port can be a pain. If you're lacking a decent BomberMan clone, this is the one to get.