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CRL £19.99 Mouse, Joystick, Keys

The forces of good and evil square up to each other once again. This time they're both fighting to capture the half of a staff that the other side owns, in order to gain complete power.

It's a one or two-player wargame played on a island of 20 odd sectors. Both players buy armies with the money they earn from owning land and march towards the enemy's base: capture it and you've won. There are a few extra frills thrown in including the ability to employ assassins, thieves and the occasional dragon, all of which can be used to upset the other player.

In one player mode the computer is particularly easy to beat, even on hard level, but there's more fun to be had in two player mode. The graphics have a certain naïve quality about them, but they suffice and through the sound effects are dire, they don't get in the way of the gameplay.

Simple stuff that's too limited to challenge or keep you playing for more than a few goes.