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Hmmm, seen this somewhere before methinks. Ah yes, Crazy Cars III (AF38 93%), that was it and here it returns for another crack on the charts, only now with an official Lamborghini licence and a new name (but not a new price).

Italian cars (Lamborghini Countach, if my memory of Top Triumphs serves me correctly) racing the freeways of America, gambling and some evil looking characters are the fine ingredients in this er, crazy race game.

There are a whole host of tracks to race, some with the added bonus of patrolling coppers and with variable weather conditions and tough opponents to overcome, it is a real challenge.

Spare parts are available from a handily placed shop (it is on screen), though you need to buy them which you get from winning races. Or if you prefer, you can bet against your opponents and take the pot if you finish ahead of them.

There is a nice feel to this, particularly using the CD32 joypad - prod ed Rich was soundly slaughtered. Oh, I forgot to mention, this version has a two-player option (unlike Crazy Cars III) using a split screen mode which adds to the fun.

Lamborghini American Challenge is better than its pal, Crazy Cars III but there are many good racing games available at half the price. At £26 this one is for racing game addicts only.

Lamborghini American Challenge logo

Der digitale Gebrauchtwagenhandel blüht: Nachdem Domark kürzlich "Vroom" unter dem Namen "F 1" nochmals herausgebracht hat, schließt Titus jetzt mit dem recycelten "Crazy Cars 3" auf!

Drei Neuigkeiten sind zu vermelden: der geänderte Titel, der Frisch komponierte, knackige Soundtrack und der vorher nicht vorhandene Zwei-Spieler-Modus mit Splitscreen. Ansonsten gibt es wieder 60 in vier unterschiedlich harte Ligen eingeteilte Rennstrecken, die kreuz und quer über die amerikanische Landkarte verstreut sind.

Dazu kommen 20 Computergegner, eine Automatikschaltung, die Wahl zwischen zwei Steuerungsmethoden sowie ein Trainingsmodus wo man 15 der Kurse ausprobieren darf.

Von diesen für das Genre mehr oder minder selbstverständlichen Features abgesehen, spielt hier vor allem das liebe Geld eine überragende Rolle. So werden Startgebühren fällig, alle Tuningmaßnahmen und der Turbotreibstoff sind kostenpflichtig, die Polizei holt sich ihr Bakschisch mit der Radarpistole ab, und die fast unvermeidlichen Karambolagen haben ebenfalls oft teure Schäden zur Folge. Ein überlegter Umgang mit den sauer verdienten Preisgeldern ist also dringend anzuraten!

Die 3D-Landschaften mit den wechselnden Witterungsverhältnissen sind hübsch wie eh und je, und auch die Anzeigen für Plazierung, Tempo, Turbo und Schäden haben in den letzten anderthalb Jahren nichts an Übersichtlichkeit verloren.

Der neu hinzugekommene Duo-Modus ist sicher ein Gewinn, alllerdings werden ihn nur A1200-Piloten richtig zu schätzen wissen - am 500er ist er einfach zu langsam. Wer "Crazy Cars 3" schon hat, braucht Lamborghini daher kaum, der Rest der fahrenden Menschheit wird aber ordentlich bedient. (mic)

Lamborghini American Challenge logo

Been driving all night, my hand's wet on the wheel...

Well it is Crazy Cars III with a Lamborghini and there is a whole level of it one the cover disk so what do you expect me to say? Review it yourself. Yes, you.

Still here? Look, it has got a really good two player option, but you know that don't you? You have just been playing it with Sam from next door for the last two hours.

Alright, maybe there are things you cannot tell from the demo. The game has got 15 different circuits spread all over the USA with a variety of weather conditions from rain to snow. The racing system is like Crazy Cars III with local boys and big names competing in each race. There is the bit at the beginning where you can bet with other big names in the race on a winner takes all basis.

You are motivated to perform well every time

There is lots of bits to buy for your car to soup it up; new tyres are essential for wet and snowy conditions, a tune up makes you go faster as does a five speed gearbox and a turbocharger.

One of the most useful bits of equipment though has to be the radar detector. This little beauty will flash up when the cops are using a radar gun on you. Although relatively powerless when it comes to forcing you to stop, the two police cars that give chase are a great nuisance and have caused many a dram of victory to be shattered.

Oh yeah, and if, over a season, you are successful enough you can enter the divisional championships. Instead of a race this is a time trial. Stuck behind a convoy of lorries and with other lorries coming in the opposite direction you have to try and complete the course by weaving between them. It is not easy either.

The best bit of the game has to be that you are not just taking part in one race, but a series. All have different conditions, different opponents and different outcomes, but all count towards your grand goal of qualifying for the next division. You are motivated to perform well every time so that you can afford the entry fees for bigger and harder races.

Get your motor running. Head out on the highway. Search for adventure and whatever comes you way. That is my advice.

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If you're looking around the screenshots on this side of the page and wondering why this game looks a little familiar, that's only because it has been seen before, under the name of Crazy Cars 3.

Yes, Titus' gem of a racing game has been slightly touched up and renamed to boost what were originally seriously flagging sales, brought about by poor distribution and the closure of Palace Software - the publishing house originally responsible for distributing Titus' product.

The license has been bought, the game badged and re-released, now it's probably time to refresh your memories. The game is based around a series of completely illegal high-speed races across the highways of the US (remember The Great American Road Race?) against a bunch of unsavoury types.

Each race costs money to enter, but you make that money back by gambling before each race. Your three main competitors and yourself gather round a table and bet amounts on yourself to win. Come though, and the pot is yours.

As a racing game, it's quite good. Fairly responsive, although the car does skid around a little too much for my liking, the game borrows a lot of good elements from a number of other games. It has the varied scenery and weather of Lotus 2, along with the interfering police of Chase HQ and the car upgrades of, well, just about anything really.

This time around a two player option has been included, which makes everything far more enjoyable, and the whole thing adds up to the most competent and enjoyable game that Titus have ever produced, and a game well worth having.

It might not be as smooth as Lotus, as fast as F1 or as playable as Jaguar, but it's still a cool game.