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In which the Codies perform their old trick of rewriting an ancient arcade classic, just long enough after the official conversion to avoid messy lawsuits and the like. This time it's Flying Shark that gets the treatment, but with an added twist in that each level has a particular mission to complete.

This usually takes the form of having some manner of installation to destroy, a feat which you accomplish by, uh, crashing your plane into it. It's a bit of a nihilistic approach, true, but it seems to do the trick, so who am I to question the wisdom of it?

So, analysis time. The inescapable fact of the matter is that this game is so similar to Flying Shark the two must have been separated at birth. The scenery, the enemies, the gameplay, all are as carbon copies of the arcade machine.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the coin-op was something of a classic, but (sadly) it's an inferior clone. It's too difficult in a finicky kind of way, and as there's no spark to it, any initial addictiveness quickly gives way to frustration and boredom.

I couldn't say I actually hate Kamikaze, but it's averageness raised to an art form. If you really must have another game of this type though, then this is as good as any at the price. Just don't say I sent you.