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School Software £16.95

If you are looking to improve your typing skills and do not fancy keying in 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' and nauseum, then have a go with the Junior Typist. As well as offering typing practice to help improve your keyboard skills, the program also times how long it took to key in the practice sentences or words. This means you will be able to slowly build up your typing speed and monitor your performance over a period of time!

The program is made up of various sections. A tutorial chapter introduces you to the various skills needed to become a competent typist. The rest of the program consists of various typing practices to improve your speed. You also get the chance to pit your new-found skills against an ever-faster arcade-style game. As words tumble down the screen, the player has to type in the words as quickly as possible, It is a bit pedestrian on the easy setting, but picks up as the game progresses.

A comprehensive and well-presented beginner's guide to typing.