The naked truth

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IT seems to me that however much you moralise about software porn, however much you point out that softcore on a computer is a complete rip-off when compared to the dubious value offered by mens' magazines and videos, software houses will still produce the stuff. And someone out there will still buy it.

Hollywood Poker Pro is the sequel to Hollywood Poker, which isn't much of a surprise. What is surprising is that instead of just another collection of digitised cuties, the actual algorithms of the program have been tightened up to give you a much stiffer game.

All good and well really because, let's face it, otherwise you'd be paying £20 just to see four digitised girls in their birthday suits. Even the most rabid smut fiend would have to concede that that is a total rip off.

As it is, the pictures in the game are of an extremely high quality utilising, as they do, the Amiga's HAM mode. A really tacky extra is a magnifying glass which can be used to give a chunky zoom-in on any area of the picture your sweaty hands desire.

Both you and the computer start with $100, the standard bet is $5 and you can bet or raise in increments of $25 as you attempt to beat one of four computer opponents and cause it to buy a successive #100 with articles of clothing. If you manage to win $400 you will have reduced the computer picture to its bare essentials.

And that's basically all you're getting for your money, except for numerous slightly different tunes which are composed from sampled instruments and are reasonably good, if somewhat monotonous.

As a game of poker this is perfectly acceptable. It plays quite well and it will take you some time before you manage to beat all four opponents. It does show off the graphics and sound capabilities of the Amiga.

But if the only reason you are buying Hollywood Poker Pro is for some sweaty stimulation then you really are an ST owner in every sense of the word.