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After last issue's old skool shoot-em-up, Ben Vost gets to look at a traditional platformer.

You may be wondering why this game has the strange name it does. It stems from our confusion as to what to actually call it, since on the packaging it is listed as Forest Dump, but the game itself reports it to be Forest Dumb. For the sake of the obvious, I shall refer to this as Forest Dump throughout this review, just to make things simpler.

In case you were under any illusions, Forest Dump is a jump and run game, and like FaYoh2 on our coverdisk, it is deeply inspired by Sonice and Mario's adventures. There are no weapons to be powered up, merely an unfeasible high jump employed by the eponymous hero to dispatch bad guys.

Like Sonic, Forest's run gets faster if it is performed over any great distance and he will skid to a halt if you reverse his direction.

However, it is not really a run as you can feel the program behind the action, and he just slides while his animation frames cycle. Jump and you can almost sense the joystick control in the program going, "Ah, he's moved the joystick right now. Move char=right".

About the only nice thing I can say about Forest Dump is that it has platforms which gradually appear...

It is hard to describe how this feels in practice, but it is not right. There is no more sense of attachment to your character than it was a piece in chess. Giving you umpteen lives to counteract the poor collision detection is of no benefit either – I would rather only have a few lives but not be frustrated by the fact that because I was a pixel away this time it has killed me, unlike the last time.

To be brutally honest, you would have more fun if you bought GunBee, or if you really wanted a platform game, registered the game we have on our coverdisk. FaYoh at least seems to be consistent, while Forest Dump certainly is not.

You get large quantities of bonuses and the coins you need to collect in one place, and in others you just get large quantities of monsters – there seems to be n justification for either. About the only nice thing I can say about Forest Dump is that it has platforms which gradually appear and disappear so you can get higher.

However, this really isn't a good enough reason for you to go out and buy this game.