F1 Racer


Lummocks! This is a bit tasty, and no mistake. Until someone decides to convert Virtua Racing to the Amiga, this could be the closest you will come to it without playing the real thing.

Well, it is not exactly a carbon copy of VR. To be honest, it is quite a way behind VR in terms of breath-taking scenery. But if you do not mind losing the canyons and suspension bridges, this should be right up your pitlane. On a 1200, it clocks up a slithery-smooth 50 frames per second for a good deal of the game!

Even on a 500 it is pretty pacey. Like VR, you get a view from the cockpit that can be zoomed out as you hurtle round the track to reveal a couple of rear 'chase plane' views. The cockpit view is the fastest, and you even get the driver's animated hands on the steering wheel for extra realism. There are also a couple more views - one that follows the car from the trackside, and another that looks back towards the car from the front.

There is a full game in there too, complete with practice laps, qualification and pitstops. If that is not enough, simulation fans can get their rocks off on all sorts of wing adjustment and gear ratio options. Alternatively, mindless boy racers can drive the wrong way round the track and see how many opponents they can write off. I suppose this should finish with a Murray Walker joke, but I cannot think of one right now. Sorry folks.

Available from: Essex Computer Systems, 118 Middle Crockerford, Vange, Basildon, Essex, SS16 4JA. Tel: 0268 553963. Price: £3.50.