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We are at the finals of Miss UK 1993 and it is time to meet some of the contestants... And now over to Terry who is talking to one of the entrants, the star of Entity, Loriciel's latest adventure.

Terry: Anthemis, I understand you overcame a great hardship to be here tonight.
Anthemis: Yes Terry. I had to save the planet from the terrifying Entity before coming here.
Terry: Really, how interesting. You come from a family of achievers. I believe your father was the head of the council.
Anthemis: Yes, daddy's greatest moment was when he encased the Entity in a monolith. Following that he was elected to the highest position on the council, the Grand Sage.
Terry: I understand your father has not been seen for some time.
Anthemis: Yes, Daddy disappeared recently and the last I heard from him was a video message. I was very shocked to find that he had been reincarnated into the very same block of stone that encasted his arch enemy, the Entity.
Terry: Was this so that he could keep an eye on her?
Anthemis: Yes. Unfortunately, the Entity broke free before Daddy could warn the world.

Terry: So you were the only person who could save the world?
Anthemis: Yes.
Terry: Aren't you a bit short in the muscle department to fit into the standard superhero category? (Audience laughs)
Anthemis: I'm one of a new breed hero - the heroine. Just because we like to war nice clothes and make-up, it does not follow that we do not want to wield a sword or fling firebolts at innocent animals once in a while.
Terry: As long as you do not smudge your lipstick or ladder your stockings. (Smug smile).
Anthemis: I had to fight the monsters controlled by the Entity wearing less foil than your mother wraps around the Christmas Turkey! I'd like to see you run around and climb mountains while trying to stop the strategically placed bits of foil from slipping off and exposing areas best left covered. You do not get scantily clad girls in upmarket games such as Flashback, and even Lionheart modestly covered some of his many muscles.

Terry: But were there any allowances made for you being female?
Anthemis: Well, I lost energy when I fell off vanishing platforms and even when I jumped too high. I suppose that is the price for being a woman. I still had to collect the pieces of the Sceptre of Bismuth, fight the guardians of the five worlds and find Erinwhe's magic boomerang to defeat the enty.
Terry: Erinwhe's magic boomerang? Are you serious? First your father is reincarnated as a block of stone, you prance about wearing strips of foil and then the only thing that can kill the Entity and free the world is a boomerang.
Anthemis: I don't think you're taking me seriously. There were five worlds to beat, the Prehistory, the Mountains, the Forest, the Caves and the Apocalypse. It was no picnic, and I'd like to see a presenter like you get through that lot.
Terry: Too much like hard work. I think I will go and play Flashback instead. And cover yourself up before someone mistakes you for a turkey with plenty of breast for everyone! (Audience applauds)