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Publisher: All; Magazine: Zzap!; Reviewer: All; Award: All; Machine: All; Release: All; Year: 1989; Month: July
Title Machine Publisher AC AF AJ AP CU ZERO Zzap!
Balance of Power: The 1990 EditionOCSMindscape90%
Battle TechOCSActivision45%
Blood MoneyOCSPsygnosis94%
Dark SideOCSIncentive81%
Federation of Free TradersOCSGremlin96%
Gilbert: Escape from DrillOCSAgain Again40%
Grand Monster SlamOCSRainbow Arts72%
Lords of the Rising SunOCSCinemaware80%
Millennium 2.2OCSElectric Dreams90%
Real Ghostbusters, TheOCSActivision26%
Test Drive 2: The DuelOCSAccolade90%
Total EclipseOCSIncentive82%
WickedOCSElectric Dreams92%