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Publisher: All; Magazine: CU Amiga; Reviewer: All; Award: All; Machine: All; Release: All; Year: 1992; Month: September
Title Machine Publisher AC AF AJ AP CU ZERO Zzap!
Alien StormOCSUS Gold59%
Bug BomberOCSKingsoft75%
California Games 2OCSUS Gold41%
Castle of Dr BrainOCSSierra78%
Crazy Cars 3OCSTitus71%
Espana: The Games '92OCSOcean59%
FascinationOCSCoktel Vision80%
Liverpool: The Computer GameOCSGrandslam70%
Popeye 2OCSAlternative22%
Red ZoneOCSPsygnosis72%
Shadow of the Beast 3OCSPsygnosis88%
Steg the SlugOCSCodemasters60%
Sword of HonourOCSKingsoft86%
Tennis Cup 2OCSLoriciel67%
Trivial PursuitCDTVDomark86%