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Price: £19.99

It was a fair while ago when Nick Kelly was raving about how complex the 64 version of this game was, and now I am pleased to say that Hewson must have paid attention because they have removed some of the difficulties from the Amiga version.

The plot is almost identical to its predecessor in that the pirates you so successfully vanquished (or not so as the case may be) have returned with a bigger, badder fleet, and once more plunder the Federations reserves. So again, the awesome Cybernoid has been called upon in order to bring justice - and quite a bit of death - to the pirates.

Your craft is armed with the standard lasers, bombs, mines, bounce bombs and shields. The Amiga version brings a couple of welcome additions to the armoury in the form of smart bombs, which destroy all minor ships and some of the bigger ones, and a thing called a tracker. Launch one of these babies and it will wiz round the borders of the screen taking out everything it touches, which is pretty useful.

The nasties are essentially the same as in Cybernoid, only they have been redesigned and look far prettier. There are well-mounted creatures, which are fresh out of the film "Aliens" and produce a good effect whenever they pummel you. The hardest nasties I found were the stalactites which drip water on you, and this is fatal to a Cybernoid so you would better watch out.

All the background scenery has been redesigned too. Now you have eyes which track your movements, tentacles, skulls with glowing eyes, and a lot more creepy crawly bits.

On the bright side of things, it is as difficult to play as the original Cybernoid, which means it is really good fun. The graphics are outstanding, and must take up a hell of a lot of space on a one disk game. The sound consists of a really mega tune, as well as a few effects, and matches the game beat for beat. And the famous over-the-top explosions are still there too. Hit something big and whammy! Green beans all over the screen...

As a sequel, Cybernoid II is outstanding. It is a well recommended purchase, and a game which has kept the office away from its work!

Hewson's Sizzling sequel to Sizzling Cybernoid

Cybernoid 2: The Revenge logo Zzap! Sizzler

Hewson, Amiga £19.99

Aaah, this is the life, you think to yourself. Lying back with a long cool drink and a copy of Deathdealer magazine, incorporating Alien Headstompers Monthly. What could be nice? Soon you reach the adverts in the mag - NEW! QUANTUM SEEKER BOMBS! - PLASMA SHIELDS! SPECIAL OFFER THIS MONTH! Well, the good ship Cybernoid could do with a refit after that last trash - and what with the reward you can easily afford it. So it's off to the shipyards...

Two months later...
Now you have a virtually new craft, with extra weapons and redesigned bodywork, it seems a pity to let it just stand looking nice in some spaceport. So, off you trot to the government buildings - Dangerous and Explosive Space Missions Department.

In your stride - 'Scuse me, 'ave you got any well dangerous missions?'
'Certainly sir. Fill in these 37 forms...'

Well, all that red tape has left you feeling wound up and ready for a fight. You jump into the Cybernoid II (redesigned, see) and off you blast.

On reaching the site of the battle, a thought strikes you. Those enemies seem rather familiar - the bouncing robots, the scuttling crabs... It's those pirates! Well, you saw them off easily enough before, so it's going to be dead easy this time.

WAAAAGH! What the hell was that? Acid dripping from the roof! That wasn't there last time.

WOOOH! AGH! What's that thing with the shield doors? Launch a seeker... Oh no! The doors closed! Try again while the doors are open... BOOM! Yeah! That's more like it. You don't remember these, do you? Well, that's 'cos it's Cybernoid II, matey - you've got more weapons than you had last time but the enemies are worse as well. That's life, eh?

Gordon Houghton Well, I didn't think it was possible for Hewson to improve on the 64 version of Cybernoid when they converted it to the Amiga, but they did. Now we've got Cybernoid II and believe it or not, they've improved that as well! The graphics are superb - much better than the original Cybernoid - with some horrible, slimey Giger-esque monsters salivating down the sides of the screen and well dangerous looking gun emplacements. It's still really difficult to begin with, due to the number of aliens swarming about the place, but you soon get used to that. And when it comes for less than twenty quid, how can you afford not to buy it? Oh, you've only got twenty pence. Well save up! It's worth it.
Maff Evans I thought that the Amiga version of Cybernoid was much more playable than the 64 version thanks to the adjusted difficulty level. But the 16-bit Cybernoid II isn't just really playable - the graphics are wonderful too! Whereas the original game had similar scenery on every screen, the sequel has a wide range of varied backdrops and as if that wasn't enough, some of them are even animated! The sound has also been vastly improved with tons more effects and the option of having in-game music. The effects themselves are great, ranging from a laser blip to a hard metallic clunk and the tune is a competent working of the 8-bit original, which suits the game well. There's just so much to this that you won't be able to resist playing it time and time again.