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This is one of those split screen two-player games where you have to find and kill the other player. The playing areas are fairly large, but because the maze is so big, finding your opponent becomes as much a game of luck as tactics. You need some breadcrumbs to hand so you can leave a trail. Failing that it is pure luck.

Contentious is two player only, which limits its appeal, but with a cool theme tune (that is for the life of me I cannot name) and a built-in level construction kit, there is loads of longevity for those with fellow death-wishers they would to share the fun with.

Available from: 5th Dimension Licenseware, 1 Lower Mill Close, Goldthorpe, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S63 9BY. Tel/Fax: 01709 88812 7. Price: £3.95 including P+P.