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CHUBBY Gristle is an overweight hero, a character whose main aim in life is to stuff more and more food down his gullet. Quite why the authors decided to make him a car park attendant I am not really sure since the theme has little to do with parking cars but a lot to do with gorging food.

In fact, Chubby Gristle is nothing more, and in quality terms rather less, than your common or garden platforms and ladders game. The idea is to guide Chubby round a connected series of 20 screens, dodging hazards and trying not to let him fall off ladders and ledges.

Along the way he has to collect objects and gobble up as much food as he can in order to gain weight.

Originality of style is not this game's strongest point - in fact, it is hard to find any strengths in the game at all. Certainly not in the sprites, which are the smallest I have encountered in an Amiga game, nor in the animation, which is minimal and crude at best.

The hero can do little other than move left and right, jump and climb up and down. The whole thing reminded me of such ancient Spectrum games as Manic Miner and Monty Mole, games that nowadays are more likely to be found in a museum than being sold as new entertainment.

The main aim is to get Chubby's wight to the one ton mark. When you do, his reward - according to the accompanying blurb - is to go home to Mrs Gristle for a good fry up or a steak and kidney pie followed by Spotted Dick.

A very ordinary game unredeemed by any special qualities. Chubby Gristle would only be worth considering if it were priced at a fiver. Even then, four screen of this stuff per pound sterling would still hardly be good value for money.