Burton Bird logo

Type: Arcade/puzzle
Available from: F1 Software, 1 lower Mill Close, Goldthorpe, Rotherham. S63-98Y. Tel: 01709 888 127
Price: £3.99 plus 75p P&P

Nearly everything about this game is a little different from the norm, but luckily in the good sense of the word. The graphics for example are distinctly 8-bit style, yet somehow look very cool, especially the stippled backdrops on each level. All the music and sound effects in the game are of the chip variety, a la' Commodore 64, but again, they all sound great.

Take control of Burton Bird himself, once you set him off in a direction he will continue going that way (at high speed) until he hits an obstacle or you change direction yourself. Again, weird, but it works well and adds another twist to the game. The level design is quite fiendish in places and it appears a lot of thought has gone into it. The occasional bit of lateral thinking is required here and there so be alert.

The general aim of the game is to clear each level of fruit, pick up the bonuses and kill or avoid the bad guys. Once you have completed a level you never have to play it again as your status is automatically saved to disk. Works for me. There are also sub games starting on level 4 where you can win points, lives and complete level bonuses.

My first impression of Burton Bird was 'er, wot is all this about then?' But Burty won me over in a matter of minutes. It is brilliantly designed and great fun to play.