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ELECTRA is a new name in software development and if its first release, Better Dead Than Alien, is anything to go by the company could have a very prosperous future in Amiga entertainment. The game is anything but sane, just take one look as the name and you know that the people who designed this game have an interesting sense of humour.

This is a weird yet wonderful shoot-em-up that is based on the daring antics of lone space hero Brad Zoom in his quest to save civilization (as we know it).

You must join Brad and armed with his super-zapper wage total war against alien hoards. As you may have already guessed, Better Dead Than Alien is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up. And what isn't these days? But there are enough touches of humour and innovation to make it stand out.

When I first loaded the game I instantly thought to myself "Oh no, not Space Invaders revamped". The game starts slowly but as you progress through the 25 levels it throws new twists into the action. It will succeed in hooking you to such an extent you'll be playing for hours.
Enhancements are included which provide a little more variety than most shoot-'em-ups. Check out the cool super-bolts that obliterate everything in their vicinity - totally rad.

The graphics, adequate at best, are well animated and are more than sufficient for this type of game. Audio effects - like the graphics - are mediocre with some nice touches like the digitised grunts and groans when Brad gets hit by an alien.

The game was developed as a spoof and as a result the programmers may have neglected the programmers may have neglected the important aspect of lastability.