American Tag-team Wrestling logo

Is your idea of fun to waggle a joystick until your wrist is completely knackered in the hope that you might get the odd blow in to your opponent? Then this is just the game for you. Why is it that wrestling games are not cutting it on the Amiga? They seem to be immensely popular nonetheless, but I am afraid this game does nothing to improve the situation.

It is a tag team contest, which means that when one of your team is getting the crap kicked out of him he can tag his team mate to take over for him.

The control system is ridiculous, although there are a couple of moves which do work quite well - the rope to rope flying drop kick is a sure fire success if you have got the space to do it. Otherwise most of your time is spent grappling with your opponent in the middle of the ring. No fun, I am afraid. Forget it.